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Thank You for Supporting the Shulgin Archive!


Dear Shulgin Friends, Supporters, and Affiliates,


We have finally come to the end of our 2 month fundraising drive! We raised $21,909 of our $50,000 goal. While this is not quite half of what we hoped to achieve, we are very happy with the result. These funds will keep the Shulgin Archive operational through the middle of March 2017 and allow us to make some serious headway in the following areas:


  •  Scanning and digitizing the archive materials in Sasha’s office
  • Creating appropriate workspaces for archive activities in the office and the barn
  • Preparing the archive materials in the barn for future scanning
  • Creating a computerized administrative system
  • Inventorying the archive materials
  • Developing the official Shulgin Archive website


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Donate Now


We are so very grateful to all of you for your generous donations and for sharing our campaign on social media and through your professional networks. Our special thanks to MAPS for featuring our campaign on all their platforms. The Archive will be able to keep going because of all of you.

 We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge everyone who contributed to our campaign. We would also like to publicly extend our gratitude to some very special people who have been supporting the archive project for many years.


The Shulgin Archive Team thanks the following individuals and organizations for their unflagging and generous support of the archive project:


  • Erowid Center - for many, many years of practical and financial assistance, collaboration and much loving support
  • Mark Martini and The Elysium Foundation - for extensive financial support and donations of much needed material resources to further the archive’s work over the past three years
  • Karel Janeček - for generously funding The Elysium Foundation’s fundraising efforts on behalf of the archive project
  • John Gilmore - for essential seed money to kick start the archive work from February through June 2016


For their generous contributions to our current campaign, the Shulgin Archive Team thanks the following individuals and organizations:


Riverstyx Foundation

Itaka and Enrico Martignoni

Steve Chapman

Adam Shulman

William Shulman

Anton Bzhelyansky




Ben Baker

Andy Balestracci

Kurt Bartelmehs

James Bauml

Christian Beyer

William Brant

Ivan Casselman

Jacob Cheeseman

Brandon Cirella

Kerry Colonna

Jason Daniels

John DeLuca

Rick Doblin

Brandon Foster

Tim Hodgson

Koen Hugelier

Simon Jademyr

Sam Kane

Seabrook Leaf

Paul Mezinskas

Bryce Montgomery

Erik Parsons

Ryan Phelps

Cindy Reynolds

Chris Scanlin

Jacob Shannon

Kristy Silva

Sheila van der Smissen

Cody Westerlund

Mattias Williamsson


Thank you, with all our hearts.


Melitta von Abele, M.A., Interim Director

Keeper Trout, Digital Archive Director

Tania Manning, Development Liaison

Christine Milentis, Office Administrator

Sara Snitselaar, Archive Administrator


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